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This site contains the works of a teacher who holds Minister's Credential with a Christian Denomination in Australia. The author has taught for many years at Tabor College - an interdenominational Christian College which offers certificate, diploma and degree level courses in Australia to ministers and aspiring leaders. He has also taught at two other Bible Colleges. Since 1984 he has written numerous Christian books.

In late 2001 the author realised that if he tidied up the teaching notes he'd developed over the previous decades as a Bible teacher and published them on the web they would be permanently available to his students and anyone else who cared to use them. The first lessons were published in September 2002 and as of March 2006 has had nearly 350 lessons split across 52 subjects.

For various reasons this site has needed to be redeveloped a number of times. This latest redevelopment started in March 2011 and is still incomplete.


Welcome to the Word Internet Bible College.

This site provides sound, inspiring and practical teachings from the written Word of God for Christian leaders, aspiring Christian leaders and those wishing to have strong foundations in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Word Internet Bible College teaches from an Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal perspective.

The course is divided into various subjects. Some of these subjects focus strongly on how God's written Word relates to our everyday practical living, aiming to provide inspiring Biblical principles about how to be daily filled with the Holy Spirit. Other subjects include interesting and relevant facts from Church history which give readers samples of the preaching of great revivalists and of various false teachings which damaged God's Church. All subjects provide readers with detailed understanding of the main teachings of the Bible.

The course notes of the college are suitable for those who would be able to complete a Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor Degree course at an accredited Bible or Minister's Training College. At the same time the notes were specifically written using English simple enough for most everyday readers.

The text of all lessons is freely accessible from this site. Follow the Subjects menu links to find the list of subjects and from there follow the links to the various lessons. At Dec 2011 only the lessons in the first subject had been converted to the new layout but this is changing over time.  The rest of the links point to text in the old layout.  With the old layout PDF versions of each lesson were available for ease of reading once printed.  With the new layout CSS takes care of this.

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