The Great Dangers Of Post-Modern New Age Allegorizing

Because of the influence of post-modern and New Age philosophies in universities, secular education, the media and so on, many Christians are now adopting the principles of trying to find so-called Christian allegories or symbolic representations in pagan myths and fictional writings about sorcery and witchcraft. But this is a very dangerous principle. In the following example, you will see why.


Liberal types of Anglicans compromising in Australia


            Once Christians begin compromising with the world, there is no limit to where this compromising will end. For example, liberal types of Anglicans in various parts of Australia have been compromising about homosexuality, abortion and many other issues for a long time. Also note what godly Reverend John Wyndham, Anglican minister, who was head of Soma Australia, wrote in March 1994: “Closer to home there is the news that church leaders in Adelaide allowed an altar to the Hindu goddess Kali to be placed in St Peter’s Cathedral. After criticism, the cathedral authorities defended their action on the grounds that the altar was an integral part of an art display (nude women, seed pods and the altar celebrating the recovery of female wisdom). Seeking to justify the decision, the Dean wrote, ‘… the Kali myth being concerned with the seminal themes of death and regeneration, which are also central to Christianity”. To equate Hindu beliefs surrounding Kali with the rebirth offered through Jesus seems to me to be blasphemy. Kali is an abomination. Anyone who has been to India during the Puja Kali festival is aware of that with the oppression and bondage that surround the demonic worship of this goddess of disease… The Church has been conned – perhaps seduced from the truth is a better comment – because her leaders are rejecting the faith found on “the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself being the chief cornerstone.’ (Ephesians 2:20) How the Bride of Christ – the Church – will be presented spotless and unblemished to the Bridegroom when her leaders encourage spiritual adultery will be a miracle!. [1]

            Note the liberal Anglican Dean tried to justify their actions by saying that the Hindu Kali myth was focused on the religious themes of death and regeneration which are also central to Christianity. In other words, the Dean was saying the Kali myth is an allegory or symbolic representation of the major themes of Christianity.

            In India, the worship of the pagan goddess Kali and the other 330,000,000 Hindu gods brings bondage to millions. Instead of trying to encourage Hindus in Australian to be free from such bondage, the Anglican priests of the Adelaide Cathedral have brought this pagan abomination into a church of the one and only God and have encouraged churchgoers to be syncretistsmixers of the teachings and practices of the Bible with those of pagan religions.

            What these Anglicans in Adelaide have done is similar to what the Jews did in Ezekiel’s time by bringing pagan idols into the Temple in Jerusalem (see Ezekiel 8:1-18) and by saying these are symbolic representations or allegories of the God of the Bible. Note that God’s response to the Israelites putting idols in His Temple was to remove His glorious Presence from the Temple (see Ezekiel 10:1-22) and to later severely punish these syncretists for their wickedness (see Ezekiel Chapters 1-7 and 9-16).

            It is probably little wonder that in the same decade this worship of a demonic pagan Hindu goddess was occurring in the main Anglican Church in Adelaide, numerous Anglican leaders in Adelaide were committing criminal paedophile acts on young children and covering up their activities. The Australian media has recently publicized the latter wicked abuses.


[1] John Wyndham, “Sharing” – the newsletter of Soma Australia, Hornsby, NSW, March 1994, page 1.



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