The Marvellous Things Jesus Christ Achieved For Us

The following are a list of key words which we must understand if we are to comprehend the basic teachings of the Bible.




The word “atonement” refers to a God-appointed sacrificial offering removing our guilt and the associated punishment we owe to God’s holiness and justice because of our sin. Atonement means to free us from the guilt and deserved penalty for our sin, to appease or remove God’s anger against us because of our sin and to reconcile us to Himself.




Redemption refers to God purchasing us through Jesus’ death from the demands of His own perfect justice and holiness. This results in us being freed or liberated from our old masters – sin, Satan, eternal condemnation and eternal separation from Him – and in us becoming His slaves.




Salvation refers to God rescuing humans trapped in a spiritual and moral disaster from which they have no power to free themselves.

Salvation means being delivered or rescued from the eternal and earthly punishments which we deserve because of our sin and corresponding guilt before God the Supreme Judge. Salvation also refers to being freed from the power of sin, Satan and evil over our lives and being given marvellous eternal and earthly benefits which we do not deserve to even the slightest degree.




Reconciliation refers to the re-establishment of the peaceful relationship between God and humans which had been broken because of the Fall of Adam and Eve and personal sin.

Reconciliation is described as the removal of the causes of God and humans being enemies and the restoration of the Father-son and Master-servant relationship which humans originally had with Him.






The word “propitiation” used in the New Testament means “to turn away the righteous anger of God we deserved by an offering of sufficient value”. Another description is “the offering of a sacrifice or gift of suitable cost in order to pacify the wrath of God.” The offering or sacrifice here referred to is the death of Jesus Christ.




Righteousness through Jesus Christ means becoming right before God through the perfectly right Jesus Christ.

Righteousness through Jesus refers to our being judged or declared right through Christ. Righteousness also means being made right through Him in regeneration, renewal and transformation by the Holy Spirit and shown to be right by God through the fruit of Holy Spirit-empowered post-conversion good works.




Justification is a legal and governmental act by God in which He:


         decrees that our Adamic original, known and unknown personal sins are pardoned and forgiven.

         declares us perfectly right or righteous in His sight because of Jesus Christ.


As King of kings and Final Judge, God pronounces the above verdict over humans who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in advance of His Final Judgement of every human. At the Final Judgement, He declares the same verdict before all those gathered.

Justification involves God as the Supreme Ruler and Judge declaring our standing before Him has changed from that of “guilty” and “condemned to eternal punishment” to that of “not guilty” and “perfectly righteous in Christ”. Justification involves God the Judge and Ruler pronouncing that real believers have a perfect status before Him because Jesus Christ has through His death paid the penalty owing because of our sins.




Regeneration means the imparting by God the Holy Spirit of His divine nature and His eternal life to previously spiritually dead human hearts.

Regeneration involves Jesus Christ Who is eternal life uniting us to Himself by His Spirit. Regeneration is becoming a son or daughter of God by nature, resulting in sin no longer being our ruler.







Adoption involves God the Father, Supreme Ruler and Judge legally declaring new believers in Christ to be His children and treating them likewise.

Adoption involves God giving new believers in Christ the privileges or “rights”, legal standing and responsibilities of being His sons and daughters. Adoption involves becoming heirs to God’s inheritance. The glorious New Testament doctrine of adoption occurs only in the Apostle Paul’s writings (see Romans 8:15, 8:23, 9:4, Galatians 4:5 and Ephesians 1:5).




Sanctification refers to the state of being separated from the rule of sin, Satan and the world and to being dedicated or devoted to God and Jesus Christ for His use, purposes and glory. Sanctification also means being purified or cleansed by the Presence of the Holy Spirit on the basis of Jesus’ death.


These are just basic definitions. There are many crucial aspects of each of these Biblical teachings which relate to what Jesus Christ has achieved through His death, resurrection and life, which we must seek God’s revelation of if we are to be strong believers in Him.



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