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This is a description of the changes made to this site (in reverse order).  FreeFind also keeps a list of the lessons as they change and that list can be found here

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Latest Changes
  • 10 Nov 2012. Some minor mods requested by the author.
  • 03 Feb 2012. Updated lessons in subjects 4 to 6. Altered the .CSS to put the copyright notice on printed versions of the lessons given we say that that is a condition of taking copies of the lessons.
  • 02 Feb 2012. Attempt to publish new format with all Subject pages changed and some (but not all) lesson pages changed.
  • 05 Jan 2012.  Updated all the subject pages so that the pull down menu's pointing to them could be finalised.  Lessons for Subject 3 converted to new format as well.
    Although these changes have been made they won't be published till I'm happy that all the links work.
  • 12 Dec 2011.  Subjects 1 and 2 in new layout.
  • Dec 2011 Started development in new layout.  Lessons are now in single column layout with all necessary links at the top.  The main page is in three columns and the information pages are two column.  This was to allow me to add Feedjit to the main/info pages.
  • 18 May 2007. Sometime last year the counter I was using stopped functioning. The original counter code should now be replaced with StatCounter.com code. If not please notify the Webmaster
  • 10 Apr 2006. Safely added e-mail addresses and Google tracker code.
  • 6 Mar 2006. Added Subjects 48 to 51 completing the current set of changes.
  • 16 Feb 2006. Part way through 115 changes, most of which are new lessons. There will eventually be six more subjects.
  • 22 June 2005. Added 'Unbelievers Must Repent At Their Conversion' into Subject 'Having a Change of Will and Mind - Repentance'
  • June 2005. Republished all lessons (a lot of which have changed), and added a stack of new ones.
  • 4 Jan 2005. The problem with search engine build was a META tag that was in the template I based the site layout on. Things should be OK now.
  • Dec 2004/Jan 2005. More lessons have been supplied by the author, but firstly the site was reformatted as it was displaying differently in different browsers. The printable versions of the lessons are now in PDF format. If you see anything that needs fixing please post a comment in our Guestbook.
  • 28 October 2003. Updated various lessons and added new ones as supplied by the author.
  • 17 March 2003. Deleted extraneous text from a number of lessons.
  • 17 February 2003. Republished two lessons at the request of the author.
  • 5 January 2003. Everything I've got is now published. Links from the RHS are not working properly at the moment.
  • 2 January 2003. After too long a break I put up for public access everything I had. I will now go into "get it all tidied up" mode.
  • 3 November 2002 - Now have over 100 lessons processed for the author to check, though none are yet accessible from default.htm.
  • 12 October 2002 - Added the FreeFind site search engine code. More lessons added.
  • 10 October 2002 - More lessons added for the author to check. Added the ChangeDetection code to this page.
  • 02 October 2002 - Published a few pages for the author to look at. Created a Site Map page so that the author can find what's there.
  • 17 August 2002 - A number of pages were set up to test the creation of the site and get it working. The subject list was complete but there was only one link to a list of lessons. At this time none of the actual lessons were available.

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